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Trojan Magnum Raw 3 Ct Condoms


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Embrace a lifestyle of both grandeur and finesse. Fresh from Trojan, Magnum Raw presents the pinnacle of thinness among Magnum condoms. Specifically designed for those who live large, these large-size condoms boast a wider, contoured shape for an enhanced fit and silky-smooth lubrication that maximizes sensitivity. With the added comfort of a larger size, indulge in an experience that allows you to truly feel it allon a grand scale. ADDED ENHANCEMENTS.

Larger than standard latex condoms for unparalleled comfort
Silky smooth lubricant for immense comfort and heightened sensation
Tapered at the base for a secure fit
Wider contoured shape for enhanced comfort
Specialized reservoir end for additional protection
Crafted from premium latex to minimize the risk of pregnancy and STIs
Each condom undergoes electronic testing for ultimate reliability

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